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GTK 3.10 landed in Ubuntu 14.04 with monochrome-enabled file picker and improvements

Months and months ago, Nautilus received a fancy pack of monochrome icons, icons populating its toolbar, sidebar and related dialogs, refinement significantly increasing Nautilus' look & feel.

GTK 3.10 has landed in Ubuntu 14.04 via the regular updates, bringing several optimizations, as well as a fresh new file picker, latter aligning the file-picking dialogs to Nautilus' design trends.

GTK+3 3.8 landed in Saucy Salamander

Shortly after its open-for-development announcement, Saucy Salamander has started to receive new updated packages, introducing up-to-date software into Ubuntu's development version.

Cycles ago, the developers adopted a pragmatic approach for Ubuntu development versions, in the sense of pushing into Ubuntu the latest-before-the-latest GNOME version, in order to properly evaluate and implement applications in Ubuntu.

GTK+3 3.8(.2) has landed in Saucy Salamander via the regular updates, version moving Ubuntu away from the 3.6 series.

Meet Trevilla, fancy pack of minimalistic GTK+3 themes

Ubuntu is the operating system chosen by 20 million users, offering an attractive pleasant-to-the-eye look, including two good-looking default GTK+ themes, Ambiance and Radiance.

Yet, where there are millions of users, there are numerous tastes and preferences, attribute met by the Ubuntu community with a significant amount of themes already available in the open.

Lucidity 3.0, simplistic yet fancy GTK+3 theme


Lucidity 3.0 is a simplistic GTK+3 theme that corroborates a spartan look (sober colors) with a clean design, mix that is to give the user a feel of properly balanced interface with both light and dark parts.

The theme brings an overall roundness feel via its round buttons and windows' bottom "corners", as well as small yet perceivable tweaks, like for instance, the integrated look of Nautilus' addressbar that borrows the same color as the icon view giving an "invisible" look&feel.

eLuna, GTK+3 dark theme with Unity integration

eLuna is a GTK+3 theme that comes with a dark style and colored text (like for instance, blue text on the Unity panel/topbar).

eLuna brings a dark sidebar for Nautilus, as well as rounded search fields (in Nautilus), metal-like ON/OFF buttons, as well as various eyecandy bits.

The theme is properly integrated into Unity, thus displays its close/minimize/maximize buttons on the Unity panel when in fullscreen mode.

Easily fix your Unity panel's GTK+3 theme integration problems

Ubuntu 11.10 is out and filled with GNOME 3 featuring the gorgeous Unity 3D shell (by default) and an optimized panel, Unity panel.

Unity panel introduced a new placement for indicator, new transparent buttons when the Dash is active but the "alien" themes are not quite integrated in term of Unity panel which display fallback buttons when the window is in fullscreen mode.

This can be easily fixed for most of the GTK+3 themes via few easy steps (this "demo" provides the adjustments for Zukitwo):

GTK+ 3.2.0 final released

GTK+ 3.2.0

GTK+ is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user
interfaces suitable for projects ranging from small one-off tools to
complete application suites.

GTK+ 3.2.0 stable has been released just now and, along with GNOME 3.2, has started to land in Ubuntu 11.10.

What is new in GTK+ 3.2.0?