Google Web Fonts-based TypeCatcher font browser and downloader utility 0.1 BETA released with improved speed

Creating a PDF file, visually enriching a sketch, beautifying a screen-cast, are actions that can use fonts in numerous shapes, sizes, families, colors, etc.

A common place to search for fonts is Google Web Fonts, online service that houses numerous and numerous fonts, allowing interested users to search for, select and download fonts.

Moreover, the Google Web Fonts fonts are open-source, meaning, the user is able to enjoy, share and utilize the downloaded fonts.

Observe, browse, search and install Google Web Fonts via TypeCatcher, fancy intuitive utility

Applications, games, windows, chat dialogs, artistic expressions, etc, are "united" by fonts, fonts that, depending on the user/developer's skills, can substantially enrich the look & feel (of the mentioned software types and cases).

Ubuntu ships (by default) a solid amount of fonts (including the professional Ubuntu font family), yet, across the internets, there are available various font-rich places, from where interested persons can enlarge their font collection (and their use cases).