G'MIC released with new filters

G'MIC is a free open-source image-processing framework that allows the user to edit images via a massive bundle of filters; in GIMP, G'MIC offers 540 filters, filters containing dedicated views and numerous tweakable values.

G'MIC has been released, bringing various fixes, as well as new filters, among which Details equalizer and Split details.

Mark Shuttleworth video-interviewed at GMIC 2013

Constant expansion is a quality heavily adopted by Canonical, expansion in the IT world,--where it has achieved a top position in creating and leading innovation--, expansion in the users' homes,--where it powers through Ubuntu 30 million users--, expansion in the world's most important events,--where it has become a natural presence--.

As fitting in the latter, there are GMIC and the OpenStack Summit, events where Canonical has been represented by a solid team, including Mark Shuttleworth.

G'MIC for GIMP released with new filters and improvements

G'MIC is a free open-source framework designed in mind with image processing, allowing the user to apply a significant amount of filters useful to manipulate, convert and visualize images.

G'MIC can be utilized by Ubuntu users via GIMP, inside of which it presents itself as a collection of filters, offering more than 500 filters housed into a dedicated window.

G'MIC for GIMP 1.5.7 released with new features

G'MIC is a powerful, advanced bundle of functionalities useful to edit, convert, maneuver and visualize images, essentially, presenting itself as a versatile framework where image processing is hassle-free doable via hundreds of available filters.

G'MIC for GIMP has been updated to version 1.5.7, introducing new features, fixes and new plugins, crossing the 500 plugins line.

Massive bundle of filters, G'MIC, released and available via PPA

G'MIC is an open-source, powerful and complex framework for image processing, delivering an easy-to-use manner of editing, manipulating, visualizing and converting images.

G'MIC can be installed in GIMP as a plugin, therefore, allowing the user to utilize hundreds of filters and support for a massive number of options, features and capabilities.

G'MIC for GIMP features almost 500 filters, filters categorized in a user-friendly view; among its filters, there are: