Meet the GIMP! episode 196 "ENIAC and Me" published

Meet the GIMP! is an interesting addictive videopodcast centering the professional GIMP into hundreds of episodes where tips, recommendations, showcases, explanations and demos are paired with voice descriptions into an overall user-friendly experience.

Meet the GIMP!'s episode 196 "ENIAC and Me" has been published, bringing a new captivating video session shaped around GIMP's functionalities.

Creative developer video demoes GIMP linked with Arduino

GIMP is a professional image manipulation application that offers a massive, solid and diverse set of features, functionalities ranging from basic image resizing to layer management, applied effects and thousands of brushes.

Along with its features, it seems that GIMP's community continues to grow, growth expressed in terms of both features and creativity.

Creative artist created interesting digital painting with GIMP 2.8

GIMP is a free open-source professional application presenting itself as a modern image manipulation tool, allowing users to add layers, change colors, resize images, insert text, apply effects, export as several image formats, etc.

Moreover, GIMP's usage and power are being discovered and harnessed on a daily basis by creative artists from all over the world, artists showing how the GNU Image Manipulation Program can be utilized in creating impressive artistic items.

Learn to retouch images in GIMP with detailed tutorial

GIMP is a professional image editor following a double-sided approach: on one hand, with GIMP, the newcomer is able to perform basic edits (resize an image, export an image as a different format, etc), on the other hand, professionals are able to harness GIMP's versatility in creating, modifying and adjusting images as part of complex usage flows.

GIMP Magazine Issue 5 published and freely available for download

GIMP Magazine is a comprehensive detailed magazine that centers the GNU Image Manipulation Program into captivating issues, issues being expressed with tens of pages, proper visuals, tips and handy recommendations.

Basically, GIMP Magazine is addressed to GIMP lovers from all over the world, presenting in its pages a significant amount of informations spanning numerous areas of GIMP.

GIMP 2.8.10 released with improvements

GIMP is a free open-source image-editing application, permitting a vast, diverse and effective bundle of image-related functionalities, allowing the user to edit images by utilizing tools, brushes, effects, text insertions, layers, image scaling, etc.

GIMP 2.8.10 has been released, version presenting itself as a bug-fixes release and, therefore, strengthening the 2.8 series of GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Moreover, the newly-released 2.8.10 introduces two clarity-wise enhancements, namely: