Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, captivating Humble Indie Bundle X game

Recently, the Humble Bundle team published Humble Indie Bundle X, combining interesting games into a set presently available for purchase.

In the mentioned bundle there is Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, too, game that offers a captivating experience, immersing the gamer into a universe of sound, color and movement.

Launching the game, one is to notice its polished visuals, all over the place there are beautiful colors, fancy shapes and artistic patterns, environment pleasing the eye with eyecandy.

Free open-source physics engine QML-Box2D released, opens the door for interesting-games creation

It is now a clear fact that Ubuntu SDK is more than capable (work in progress) of creating interesting applications ranging from converters, players, educational utilities, to calculus tools and chat clients.

Moreover, the developers are progressively adding new features and capabilities for the SDK, allowing interested third-party developers to extend their app creation's horizon.

QML-based Tic-Tac-Toe game video-demoed with impressive animations

Ubuntu Touch has started a revolution in the Ubuntu world, both presenting the pure Ubuntu experience filtered through a touch-wise interface and centering Ubuntu SDK as a first class citizen (for app creation under Ubuntu).

As a consequence, creative third-party developers have published a significant and diverse amount of applications, imprinting numerous features into beautiful interfaces, usable on both desktop and touch-based form factors.

Feed your pleasure for 2D simplistic-yet-captivating games with The Blob Game and Meteor Blaster

Complex plots, worked-on-detail characters, vivid elements, fancy introductions, are among the common attributes of today's games, where Max Payne, GTA Vice City, Crysis, etc, delight the gamer with modern gaming experiences.

Nowadays, Ubuntu gamers can hassle-free use Steam and Humble Bundles (, etc) to get and enjoy polished games; nevertheless, it seems rather interesting how certain simplistic, very basic games are still preferred by gamers, games featuring easily-graspable plots with very few characters, while rooted into removing one's monotony.

Resurrect your retro gaming passion with Pongaronga, free Pong-like game

Steam and numerous Humble Bundles bring a vast and diverse amount of modern games in Ubuntu, games ranging from shooters to puzzles, RPG, etc, games containing an impressive amount of graphical details, fancy characters and complex plots.

It seems that sometimes, although we are surrounded by Max Payne, GTA Vice City, Skyrim, one may still feel the need to play very simplistic games with one-sided action and very few characters.

Dogfight and ex.fm app, advanced created-with-Ubuntu-SDK apps

It is now a reality, isn't it, that Ubuntu contains interfaces for relevant form factors, including phones and tablets, in-progress work that constantly enriches and refines the touch-based interfaces.

Along with Ubuntu for phones and Ubuntu for tablets, the developers published the Ubuntu SDK, development kit presenting itself as a powerful (currently, work-in-progress) manner of creating a wide and diverse amount of software.

YoYo Games' GameMaker: Studio gained support for exporting games to Ubuntu

Presently, there are numerous games available in Ubuntu, including the globally-known and appreciated Humble Bundles and Steam, allowing gamers to enjoy hundreds and hundreds of already-available games.

Yet, it seems that Ubuntu is currently being targeted by powerful gaming-related companies, aspect that progressively enables new and new methods of publishing games for Ubuntu.

In the above-presented scenario fits Unity3d, gaming platform featuring support to publish games for Ubuntu (and other operating systems) in a matter of minutes.