Firefox 27 landed in Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 13.10

Recently, Firefox 27 was released, version introducing enhancements, improvements, as well as features.

Extended support for online services (allowing the user to on-demand enable Saavn and Delicious to a dedicated area of Firefox), new SPDY 3.1, support for mathematical functions and ES6 generators in SpiderMonkey, are among the changes brought by Firefox 27.

Firefox 27 released with new features

Care for users' privacy, fruitful development, features and speed are among the qualities of Firefox, powerful web-browser offering a robust user-centric web experience.

Firefox 27 has been released, further enriching its social aspect paired with various features and enhancements.

Months ago, Firefox introduced support for social services, permitting the integration of several social online places directly into Firefox, integration performed only on demand.

How to install web apps from Firefox Marketplace

Firefox Marketplace is an online place populated with web applications spanning a wide and diverse range of usage cases, demands and preferences, Firefox Marketplace featuring calculators, games, weather utilities, wallpaper tools, music players, etc.

The mentioned web apps can be easily installed in Ubuntu, too, installation process that generates web apps featuring dedicated icons, dedicated windows, as well as enriched Unity launcher quicklists.

Improve Australis by providing your feedback to official survey

Weeks ago, the Firefox developers implemented Australis by default in Firefox Nightly, enabling the modern interface in the development versions of Firefox.

Essentially, Australis is a fancy new theme that is to power upcoming versions of Firefox, theme containing round tabs, attached panels, animations, dedicated customization view, essentially, a theme covering the whole of Firefox.

Mozilla's Executive Director explains Firefox's concept of 'open'

Often, across the web we hear about open, term used by numerous persons to describe various aspects of life and computing.

Yet, it seems that the word open is both simple and complex, simple for persons rooted in freedom, complex for persons creating proprietary software and avoiding the full exposure of their software, with the obvious goal of exercising malevolent actions on the user (and etc, etc).

Firefox designer explains the reasons behind Australis' components

Weeks ago, the Firefox developers implemented Australis in Firefox Nightly, essentially, landing the long-awaited theme in the nightly version of the powerful web-browser.

Basically, Australis is a new modern theme that covers tabs, monochrome-enabled buttons, dedicated customization view, essentially, a full-spectrum theme that is to power the upcoming stable versions of Firefox.

Firefox 26 released

Firefox is a powerful web-browser rooted in freedom, features, speed and an overall user-centric approach, attributes presenting Firefox as a magnificent manner of enjoying the web.

Firefox 26 stable has been released, version introducing various changes and improvements, 26 version further enhancing the robust web-browser with interesting additions.

Firefox developers video-demo Australis-themed add-ons

Recently, the Firefox developers implemented Australis by default in Firefox Nightly, enablement marking the long-awaited arrival of Australis into the nightly version of Firefox.

Essentially, Australis is a modern theme that is to power Firefox, theme incorporating a full-spectrum nature: tabs, animations, dialogs, colors are covered by Australis, theme penetrating the whole of Firefox from toolbar to customization views and add-ons.