Final Term available via PPA with split view

If you are a heavy command-line user or a freshman seeking to familiarize with the terminal, you have probably kept an eye on Final Term's development.

Final Term (UNDER DEVELOPMENT) is a terminal application that features an extra dose of eyecandy as compared to traditional terminals, while paired with drop-down menus offering command completion, ability to contract commands, responsive appearance, etc.

Final Term team: "Final Term is alive and kicking, and on the finish line towards its initial release and wide availability"

Across the latest months, the Final Term team has been working on solidifying the modern terminal application, landing feature after feature and improvement after improvement into the now-in-progress fancy terminal.

Essentially, Final Term already contains exciting functionalities ranging from drop-down menus to multiple tabs, split view, built-in themes, ability to expand/contract commands, auto-completion, proper resizing of its text content, etc, yet, Final Term has been kept under an in-progress umbrella.

Modern terminal Final Term updated with exciting case-sensitive support

Final Term is a powerful, modern and advanced terminal emulator, designed in mind with offering a completely new experience in terms of looks, functionalities and approach.

Semantic text menus with accurate item identification, handy command completion with click and scroll-through support, support for 8 / 16 / 256 colors, fancy built-in themes, drop-down look and precise window repositioning come to delight the user, while permitting a modern maneuvering of terminal commands.

Advanced terminal Final Term received another significant performance improvements

Final Term is an advanced terminal emulator, designed in mind from its very beginning with incarnating in the public space a completely new experience of using the terminal.

Full-of-entries text menus, smart command completion with hassle-free command suggestion and clickable/scrollable nature, built-in progress-line, 8 / 16 / 256 colors support, exact window resizing with proper content repositioning, effects, animations and fancy themes are part of Final Term.

Modern terminal Final Term updated with significant performance improvements

Handy menus recognizing and displaying accordingly filenames, URLs, IP addresses, intelligent command completion with both active and passive nature (latter permitting command editing), ability to collapse commands, beautiful pack of built-in themes with dark/light look & feel, 8 / 16 / 256 colors support, hassle-free precise window resizing with accurate repositioning of its content, ability to be used on-demand as a drop-down, are among the features of

Final Term updated with interesting command completion and enriched Unity launcher quicklist

Final Term is a powerful, optimized and worked-on-detail terminal emulator that takes the terminal experience to a completely new level, where interactions, polished animations, intelligent features and support are first class citizens.

Among its features, Final Term comes by default with smart command completion, semantic text menus, 8 / 16 / 256 colors, accurate precise window resizing, on-demand drop-down look, beautiful themes, etc, essentially, a modern terminal emulator.