How to install Faenza and Faience icon themes in Ubuntu 13.10

Faenza and Faience are two fancy icon themes featuring modern look, feel and patterns, having an instantly-noticeable air of freshness, art and clarity.

Faenza and Faience are basically rooted into a singular design pattern (created by the same artist, too), yet, Faience has been designed in mind with taking further the famous Faenza, adding to it new visual patterns and a more refined expression of icons.

Fancy icon themes, Faenza 1.3 and Faience 0.5, released with new icons and Ubuntu 12.10 support

Usually, icons play a relevant role on the desktop, enriching the desktop's look & feel with fancy shapes, pleasant-to-the-eye colors, proper occupation of panels, etc, consequently, while searching a modern intuitive yet "entertaining" desktop, the user is to install various icon themes (in order to tune the desktop to use cases, artistic "requirements", casual moods, etc).

Give Calibre a Faenza-ish look&feel

Calibre is a versatile full-fledged e-book library management tool that features a powerful built-in e-book reader with support for numerous file types.

Various users expressed across the internets probably an objective concern related to Calibre's UI, especially about the used icons that seem unsuitable for such a powerful application.