Darktable 1.4.1 released with fixes

Passionate about photography?, seeking features and speed?, having large collections of RAW images?, then look no further, Darktable is to probably satisfy your photography needs with a complex interface, support for a massive amount of cameras and a constantly-maintained development nature.

Weeks ago, Darktable 1.4 was released, bringing a multitude of new features and new manners of handling photographies, 1.4 being the current major version.

Darktable 1.4 released with numerous new features and up-to-date comprehensive manual

Darktable is a powerful versatile photography application that unites a lighttable and a darkroom under a singular umbrella, allowing both regular and experienced photographers to harness its power when dealing with photographies.

Darktable 1.4 has been released, major version bringing a significant amount of new features, newly-released 1.4 version taking Darktable to a higher level of features, speed and functionalities.

Darktable 1.4 introduces:

Darktable 1.4 Release Candidate released with numerous new features, the stable 1.4 to arrive "in a few weeks"

Virtual lighttable and darkroom, ability to import images from folders, metadata editor, option to export images, tethering are among the features of Darktable, free open-source photography developer and manager.

The Darktable team has announced the release of Darktable 1.4 release candidate 1, RC 1 putting together features from the upcoming major 1.4 Darktable version.

Upcoming Darktable 1.4 demoed with sharpness-related interesting feature

Darktable is a free open-source photography workflow application and RAW developer, putting together a virtual lighttable and a darkroom, views that, packed with a significant number of features and support, provide a solid photographers-oriented tool.

Darktable is a project characterized by a constant fruitful development, continuing to add new and new features in new and new releases, overall development solidifying more and more the handy application.

Upcoming version of Darktable to contain Lua support aimed at simplifying and enriching workflows

Darktable is a free open-source photography workflow and RAW developer application that combines lighttable and darkroom functionalities under a singular roof, permitting handy photography-related actions.

Across the latest months, Darktable has seen numerous releases, adding more and more features to its solid look & feel, progressively enriching the photography tool with both functionalities and support for cameras and their related presets.

Darktable 1.2.3 released

Darktable is a free open-source photography workflow and RAW developer application that mixes a virtual lighttable and a darkroom, mix expressed into a complex-yet-intuitive interface.

Darktable has been updated to version 1.2.3, continuing its road towards more and more features, bringing: