How to enjoy a magnifier in Ubuntu 13.10 with Compiz's Magnifier

Ubuntu ships by default a readable, clean and visible desktop, permitting an accurate and hassle-free digesting of images, books, tutorials, web content with optimized themes, components and visuals.

Yet, sometimes, there are situations when the user can be significantly helped by a magnifier-like tool, magnifying action utilized to zoom in a specific area of the screen, as opposed to zooming in the whole desktop.

How to easily add names for workspaces in Ubuntu 12.10

By default, Ubuntu 12.10 comes with support for 4 workspaces, virtual desktops that allow the user to perform complex workflows, in the sense of being able to categorize the desktop in 4 (tweakable number) places, where different activity types can be located.

Editing text documents on the first workspace, watching one's social activity on the second workspace, renaming numerous files on the third workspace, downloading torrents on the fourth workspace, etc, are situations that may be utilized by users.

Compiz 0.9.8 landed in Ubuntu 12.10 with dedicated unminimize animation, new plugins and numerous fixes

At the moment, Quantal Quetzal is going through serious enhancements, refining, improving and strengthening numerous parts of Ubuntu.

A new version of Compiz 0.9.8 has just landed in Ubuntu 12.10, adding a solid amount of fixes and under-the-hood enhancements, as well as new (non-default) plugins, suitable to be used under Quantal's refreshed Compiz.

Compiz 0.9.8 landed in Ubuntu 12.10 with Workspace naming and numerous fixes

Ubuntu is definitely an operating system suitable for heavy activities, when, in our workflows, we tend to use workspaces for various reasons (more space, efficiency, optimal window management with, for instance, text files on a workspace, web-browsers on other workspaces, etc, fast access, etc).

Ubuntu ships, by default, four workspaces that can be summoned by clicking the Unity launcher's Workspace Switcher, action that exposes the workspaces, clicking on a particular workspace, redirects the user to the clicked workspace.

CompizConfig Settings Manager updated with attention dialog and fixed Unity plugin

CompizConfig Settings Manager contains lots of configuration settings applyable in Unity, thus becoming a relevant tool for various adjustments and tweaks, and, even though it is not a default application, due to its notoriety and enhanced Unity integration, the developers continue its optimization.

A new CompizConfig Settings Manager version is available in Precise Pangolin, bringing:

Compiz 0.9.7 landed in Precise Pangolin with an overall improved performance

Compiz 0.9.7

Another week, another step towards the already usual stability and overall improvements in Precise Pangolin.

After the launch of Ubuntu 11.10, there was a consistent amount of bugs related to Compiz, varying from issues like when VSync was enabled/disabled, maximize/minimize bugs, lost focus when maneuvering several windows, low frame rate, windows tearing and ending with an overall unpleasant Unity session, especially after numerous continuous hours of usage, regardless of the used drivers.

New CCSM lands in Ubuntu 12.04 removing sliders


One can observe and enjoy the work on details in Ubuntu 12.04, focused on various apps, both default and non-default (but usually needed for tweaking default applications).

Unity can be easily configured via CompizConfig Settings Manager-->Ubuntu Unity plugin, where there are numerous options useful for setting Unity's appearance and interactions, mainly by dragging sliders (for a higher or lower value).

Application Switcher, "Alt+Tab", receives orange border and wide look

The active applications' workflow is getting better and better in Ubuntu 11.10 from numerous points-of-view: speed, look and control.

The application switcher, "Alt+Tab", has just been enhanced with an wide look&feel, and now, when in preview mode, the image is larger, almost as big as the original active window, with its name positioned at its bottom.

When in "Alt+Tab", the selected window gained a thick orange border.

Compiz Modal Dialog delayed for Oneiric+1

Compiz Modal Dialog

In Oneiric's beginning, a new Compiz plugin was introduced, "Modal Dialog". packed with an appropriate GTK+ theming, which is basically a interaction between the parent/main window and its child dialog/window where the "parent" becomes blurred/darkened and the "child" is much more visible (with custom fancy "close" button, etc).

This plugin was dropped weeks ago (due to some bugs) and Ubuntu 11.10 final was supposed to feature the Modal Dialog.