Chromium 32 released and landed in Ubuntu 13.10's Ubuntu Software Center

Chromium is a free open-source web-browser shaped around agility and features that offers a handy manner of enjoying the rich web.

Chromium 32 has been released and landed in Ubuntu 13.10's Ubuntu Software Center, arrival permitting to the user to utilize a more up-to-date Chromium version.

The new 32 version brings multiple under-the-hood enhancements, as well as fixes and support for the animated WEBP image format.

Chromium 31 released and landed in Ubuntu Software Center

Chromium is a free open-source web-browser that offers an agile web experience across the vast internets, allowing users to read news, download items, access commonly-opened webpages via a dedicated view, install extensions, etc.

Chromium 31 has been released, version bringing bug fixes, optimizations and under-the-hood improvements, version strengthening its previous release.

Issues with certificate checking, improved handling of media elements, session-wise fixes are among the additions introduced by Chromium 31.

Chromium 30 released and available via Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu 13.10 ships by default Firefox, powerful web-browser permitting a modern experience while enjoying the web's content.

Yet, due to the increasing-and-increasing nature of the Internet and, with it, the users' behaviors, it seems that multiple web-browsers are now preferred by numerous users, in order to more accurately and properly divide activity types, such as commercial transactions, downloading items on a constant basis, work email and fun-related online accounts, etc.

Expand your Chromium knowledge with 10 handy keyboard shortcuts

Chromium is a free open-source web-browser containing numerous features expressed through a clean intuitive interface, allowing users to watch YouTube clips, read emails, download items, digest high-resolution images, etc.

Chromium is fully usable with the mouse, yet, the handy web-browsing application comes with numerous keyboard shortcuts, too, shortcuts covering relevant actions and permitting the usage of Chromium via the keyboard.

Among its keyboard shortcuts, there are:

Ubuntu's Jason Warner continues the Firefox/Chromium official debate with open participation to discussion

Weeks ago, the developers started a serious discussion about a potential implementation of the open-source web-browser Chromium as default in Ubuntu 13.10, discussion triggering a massive amount of feedback.

Among the users' reactions, there are both positive and negative feedback: on one hand, there are users favoring Firefox, on the other hand, there are other users preferring the switch to Chromium.

Access your Firefox and Chromium/Chrome web-history with Unity Web History lens (PPA available)

Unity Web History lens

Browsing the web is a daily activity, where thousands and thousands of webpages are visited, helping us to obtain informations related to subjects of interest, downloading packages, etc.

Unity Web History lens gathers, categorizes and displays one's visited webpages in the Dash, allowing users to easily access visited webpages by simply typing a word and opening (by clicking on it) the desired item.