Ubuntu for phones demoed with edit-image filled-with-entries menu and usable virtual keyboard

At CES 2013, the Canonical team in-depth presented Ubuntu for phones, allowing the user to observe an overall polished innovative interface with handy launcher, easy-to-access screen-edges, status-enabled home screen, etc.

Yet, it seems that the pleasant-to-the-eye interface comes with already-available functionalities, generating a both good-looking and usable phone interface.

Jono Bacon answered questions at CES 2013 (related to closing windows, terminal, respins, etc)

CES 2013 is a widely known and appreciated IT event, centering cutting-edge technologies into demos, explanations, talks, presentations, etc, bundle of knowledge exposed with the main purpose of moving exciting technologies into the public space.

Ubuntu for Android, Ubuntu TV, Ubuntu Nexus 7 Installer are technologies unveiled/developed by Canonical (across the latest months), innovative attitude that recently generated a new member for the Ubuntu family of interfaces, namely Ubuntu for phones.

Mark Shuttleworth: "That same application can give me a phone face here and a desktop face on the desktop" (CES 2013)

January 9th 2013, the second day of CES 2013, a serious event where companies, corporations, media representatives, are meeting in order to present, demo and describe modern technologies.

Along with numerous Canonical persons, Mark Shuttleworth attends the IT event, conducting interviews, answering questions, sketching future plans, etc, informations expressed with Ubuntu phone OS in mind.

Canonical received massive attention and award at CES 2013

Numerous Youtube clips, mainstream media's mentions, noticeable interest across the internets, are descriptions suitable for the Ubuntu phone OS, an exciting incarnation of pure Ubuntu into a phone form-factor.

Nevertheless, it is always interesting to observe how the actual team of developers has perceived press attention, corporation interests, etc, especially for just-launched technologies.

Ubuntu Mobile product manager, Richard Collins, video demoes Ubuntu for phones at CES 2013

Presently, the widely cherished and followed global IT event, CES 2013, is in full happening, allowing numerous and numerous companies, developers and corporations to show/demo/present exciting technologies that are to probably impact the world in the future.

As a constant generator of innovative technologies, Canonical is solidly represented at CES 2013 by a serious team of developers, including Mark Shuttleworth and Jono Bacon.