Dell published Canonical-Dell explanatory clip

Presently, Canonical can be described as a serious important IT player at a planetary scale, Canonical that has arrived in the top area of the computer industry via innovation and partnerships.

As related to innovation, Canonical has faced the world with Ubuntu converged and an overall optimized desktop, while significantly pushing forward Linux as a whole through Ubuntu, operating system used by 30 million users.

Mark Shuttleworth to speak at GMIC about "the future of the open source mobile platform movement" and about "Open Mobile Platforms" at Mobile Monday (October 22nd and October 28th 2013)

Solid desktop, cutting-edge cloud technologies and the recently-released Ubuntu for phones are among the software pushed forward by Canonical, professional company setting itself as a serious player at a planetary scale.

Canonical has been characterized by determination and constant participation to important public events, latter rooting Canonical into the now's IT demands, requirements and state, as well as adding a layer of up-to-date to Canonical's expressing Ubuntu and related software.

Canonical-HP tandem announces the availability of powered-by-Ubuntu G14 and G15 laptops in 1,500 Chinese stores

Across the latest years, Canonical has been moving from one success to another, progressively achieving partnerships with solid major IT players and, as a consequence, pushing Ubuntu in thousands and thousands of stores all over the globe.

Only weeks ago, the fruitful Canonical-Dell tandem announced the availability of Ubuntu with Dell machines in more than 1,000 Chinese stores, significantly increasing its coverage in China.

Canonical-Dell tandem extends Ubuntu's China availability in more than 1,000 stores

In the latest years, Canonical has pursued a constantly-maintained Ubuntu expansion across the globe, pushing Ubuntu in more and more stores, companies, state departments, etc, allowing millions of persons to enjoy its power, versatility and reliability.

China has been a solid ground on which Canonical has successfully launched Ubuntu paired with computers, China where Ubuntu has been perceived as a serious alternative to proprietary operating systems.

IT-world major player Verizon joins Ubuntu CAG

Impressive is probably the most accurate term of describing the Ubuntu mobile's penetration in the IT world.

Weeks ago, Canonical announced Ubuntu CAG, namely, an independently-chaired group of mobile operators that is seriously involved in Ubuntu mobile's planetary strategy, therefore, being rooted in day-to-day Ubuntu mobile advancements, Canonical-internal goals and discussions, as well as having the unique opportunity of launching smartphones with Ubuntu in their markets.

Intel: "Canonical is a leader in secure cloud solutions"

The latest years are the clear witness of Canonical's advancement in the IT world: the Ubuntu desktop has brought in the Linux world new standards of quality, beauty and power, while featuring a user-centric ground (as noticed by Linus Torvalds, too).

Moreover, Canonical has solidly penetrated the cloud, unleashing innovative technologies, while attracting globally-scaled partnerships with the main actors from the cloud world.

Canonical launched Juju Charm Championship with $10,000 for winning innovative charms

Phones, tablets, desktops, TVs and cloud are the today's Canonical objectives, environments tamed and enriched by Ubuntu.

Along with the serious focus on desktop, phones and tablets, Canonical is also pursuing the cloud, where Juju reached a modern, powerful state.

Canonical has just announced the Juju Charm Championship with $10,000 offered for the most innovative charms.

Canonical announces the next generation of user accounts: Ubuntu One accounts to centralize all user online accounts

Months and months ago, Canonical announced Ubuntu's upcoming converged experience, essentially, a singular Ubuntu operating system that is to power phones, tablets, desktops, TVs, etc.

Moreover, it seems that Canonical is shifting its entire infrastructure to a converged model, model centralizing multiple-yet-related functionalities under a one-and-only roof.

Naturally, there are multiple benefits, including the ability to use a certain item to use, manage and access multiple services.

Canonical announces Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group with LG UPlus, Telecom Italia, Korea Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, etc, as members

In the upcoming months, Canonical is to launch a stable version of Ubuntu Touch, goal primarily shaped around smartphones running with Ubuntu Touch.

As a consequence, it is natural for Canonical to inquire into the global markets, inquiry that is to provide hardware manufacturers and partnerships for Ubuntu for phones (tablets, etc).

The Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group is an independent gathering of members interested in Ubuntu's upcoming mobile-oriented components, CAG that allows mobile operators to influence, adjust and contribute to Ubuntu's mobile part.