Calibre 1.22 released with dedicated book-comparison feature

Calibre is a clear, solid and robust non-OS evidence on how free open-source applications can reach the top-most peak of their functionality at a planetary scale, Calibre being the most powerful, advanced and versatile ebook suite from both open and proprietary worlds.

Months ago, Calibre received an impressive book-editor, feature allowing the user to edit ebooks with a multitude of wide and diverse tools spanning text formatting, image insertion, automatic checking, special characters, etc.

Calibre 1.21 released with new driver and features

The natural choice for users seeking dedicated ebook viewer, support for numerous ebook formats, ability to edit metadata, temporary libraries, fancy cover and grid views is Calibre, powerful ebook suite characterized by a massive amount of functionalities.

The world's best ebook suite,--Calibre--, has been updated to version 1.21, continuing its fruitful vigorous road towards new and new features.

Calibre 1.19 released with more than 60,000 special characters for book editor

Calibre is a powerful, robust and full-of-features ebook suite that incarnates into a single interface dedicated ebook viewer, metadata-editing capabilities, devices support, bulk conversion, virtual libraries, cover and grid views, versatile book editor.

Calibre has been updated to version 1.19, version continuing the road on strengthening the impressive book editor, while bringing bug fixes and overall improvements, too.

How to extract images from EPUBs

EPUBs are a popular ebook format seen all over the web, file format encapsulating books, documents, stories, etc, as well as containing images.

As a consequence, the user may sometimes desire to extract certain images from EPUB files, in order to satisfy various requirements: watching the images later, adding the images to a new document, printing the images, etc.

The extraction action can be easily performed with Calibre, versatile ebook application allowing the user to hassle-free save images from EPUBs as simple as: