ayatana overlay scrollbars

Launchpad up-to-date official blueprint: Add overlay scrollbar support for Thunderbird and Firefox (probably Ubuntu 12.10)


Ubuntu is definitely a place where "real" actual innovation plays an important role, consequently, the developers are constantly landing new exciting technologies, exciting for both regular users (Dash, launcher, Alt+Tab Switcher, etc) and the whole world (Ubuntu for Android, Ubuntu One, etc).

Bringing creative innovations naturally triggers an accommodation process, where "things" are progressively shaped and put in order, thus touching (first) the frequently/most used applications that play a critical part in both the Ubuntu values and users' usage patterns.

Ayatana Overlay Scrollbar 0.2.14 released with thicker thumb in Ubuntu 12.04

A definitely full-of-surprises project is Ayatana Overlay Scrollbar, that recently gained a dotted pattern and a new behavior.

Ayatana Overlay Scrollbar 0.2.14's UI has landed in Precise Pangolin, featuring a thicker thumb, in order to achieve better interactions with the thumb.

The color is more white-ish, furthermore the thumb's dotted pattern is less visible now.

Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars 0.2.13 released with Ubuntu-specific texture, enhanced proximity area and more (Ubuntu 11.10 & 12.04)

Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars 0.2.13

Ubuntu's default fancy yet usability-aware scrollbars, Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars, have just been updated to another consistent release, marking a clear, optimized implementation.

What is new in Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars 0.2.13?

  • the thumb gained Ubuntu-specific pointed texture, making it look slicker and more professional then its previous implementations

Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars get new gorgeous effect

Another interesting update has just hit the Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars' PPA, bringing a new fancy effect.

We presented the new extended proximity area few days ago, and, now, in this new version (when you hit the edge of a window, the thumb appears with the regular grey scrollbar that acts like an expansion, starting with the main orange scrollbar and ending with the thumb) when you release the thumb, the grey scrollbar has a nice retracting effect.

Ubuntu 12.04's experimental Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars available via PPA (Oneiric)

Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars

Days ago, we announced the new feature of Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars designed for Precise Pangolin and, good news, its official PPA has been updated with the new release.

How do we install Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars 0.2.11?
Add the following official PPA (Oneiric)

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ayatana-scrollbar-team/release

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars to get enhanced proximity area in Ubuntu 12.04

Quite few days left until Oneiric Ocelot is to be released and the developers have already started to add features to yet to be at least in an ALPHA stage Ubuntu 12.04, Precise Pangolin.

Ayatana Overlay Scrollbars will feature in the very near future (a PPA will also be shortly available) an enhanced proximity area extended to full height, "you can middle click the thumb to jump to the current position".