Ubuntu Design Clinic sees another interesting happening, to have a two-weeks cadence

Ubuntu is a beautiful operating system featuring polished visuals filtered through official carefully-crafted designs, Ubuntu, with each and each release, incorporating more and more designs under its modern look & feel.

Designs are also used on defining interactions, behaviors and item positions, situation putting together professional designs and tests performed on users, mix generating text descriptions, Unity launcher position, amount of glow used on windows in spread, manner of triggering Unity Previews, etc, essentially, a wide and diverse area of Ubuntu.

App Design Clinic sees yet-another interesting video-session

Ubuntu is an open universe, where persons from all over the world are adding their contributions to building, refining and improving Ubuntu, persons spanning translations, bug fixes, proposed mockups, ideas, etc.

In the same movement, numerous Ubuntu persons share professional knowledge with Ubuntu-passionate users, in order to increase the interested users' level of skills in various areas, as in the case of App Design Clinic.

App Design Clinic video-session saw another happening, third-party developers submitted personal mockups for professional design feedback

Along with the solid, secure and stable desktop and the modern cloud technologies, Ubuntu is also a vivid ecosystem where talents are growing in the next professional coders, designers, managers, etc, software-centric ecosystem where users from across the world have the opportunity of learning from professionals of several Ubuntu layers, including coding, packaging, translating and designing.

Ubuntu designers announced the weekly each-Wednesday App Design Clinic video-session

January 2013 started a revolution in the Ubuntu world, introducing Ubuntu Touch, Ubuntu SDK and the next-generation components of Ubuntu.

Immediately after the announcement, the work with Ubuntu SDK has seen a double-sided expression: on one hand, the Ubuntu developers have created, shaped and refined (work in progress) a bundle of apps and under-the-hood services, on the other hand, third-party developers have created and released for public consumption Ubuntu SDK apps ranging from converters and calculus tools to players, trackers and games.