T-Mobile USA joins Ubuntu CAG

Carriers from across the world deeply interested in Ubuntu's mobile side have been gathered under Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group, essentially, an independently-chaired group of carriers having the chance of shaping Ubuntu mobile and shipping powered-by-Ubuntu devices in their markets.

Smartfren, MTN Group, China Unicom and Verizon Wireless are among the recently-included members of the CAG, trend that continues with today's T-Mobile USA announcement.

Canonical has announced the inclusion of T-Mobile USA in the CAG, further expanding Ubuntu mobile's coverage in the world with another major IT player.

T-Mobile USA is an American mobile network operator providing wireless voice, messaging and data services to 300 million users, while featuring 36,000 employees.

Carriers can still join the CAG by contacting Canonical via https://pages.canonical.com/carrier-advisory-group-contact-us.html