System76's Darter UltraThin running Unity 8 with smooth, fluid experience

Unity 8 is the next-generation Unity version designed in mind with Ubuntu converged, Unity 8 that is to power phones, tablets and desktops, Unity 8 already presenting itself as beautiful, modern and user-centric.

Recently, System76 announced Darter UltraThin, namely, a touchscreen laptop featuring Ubuntu and an overall pleasant look & feel.

Being a touchscreen laptop, the ultraportable Darter UltraThin allows the user to act on the contained operating system via touch, ability demoed by System76's Ian Santopietro in relation to Unity 8.

Basically, as seen in the below clip, the System76 representative installed Unity 8 inside Ubuntu (the desktop) and launched the fancy Unity 8, in order to test its components: gestures, views, previews, search, etc.

The result is definitely impressive, the developer is able to achieve a hassle-free maneuvering of Unity 8 with one hand (the other hand being occupied with the actual recording), situation showing the easiness of Unity 8, where a mere finger can perform multiple and multiple actions.

Moreover, one can instantly notice Unity 8's smoothness and fluidity, properly populating the lightweight laptop with natural animations and lovely effects, while being responsive, accurate and agile.

Further informations about Darter UltraThin are available on https://www.system76.com/laptops/model/daru4