System Settings received new Unity tweaking functionalities in Raring Ringtail

System Settings houses numerous configuration options, allowing the user to hassle-free tweak a basic-yet-relevant set of options, such as Brightness & Lock, Displays, Keyboard, Sound, etc.

Under System Settings (installed in Ubuntu by default), Appearance groups Look (support to change wallpapers, Unity launcher's icon size) and Behavior, latter sub-panel containing the 1-click away ability to set the Unity launcher's auto-hide behavior.

The latest updates landed in Raring Ringtail introduce new functionalities for Appearance, such as Enable workspaces (enabled by default) and Add show desktop icon to the launcher (disabled by default).

Unchecking Enable workspaces, automatically removes (disables) the Workspace Switcher icon from the Unity launcher, yet, checking it again, restores the icon on the launcher.

Checking Add show desktop icon to the launcher, adds a Show Desktop icon on the launcher, clicking on the Show Desktop icon, hides the displayed-on-the-desktop windows, hitting it again, shows on the desktop the previously-hidden windows.