Software Updater updated with refreshed look in Ubuntu 12.10

On April 2012, Ubuntu 12.04 was shipped, release characterized by a prudent approach, meaning, the developers have had clear goals oriented towards stability, precision, polish, in the detriment of new features.

First release after the 12.04 LTS, Quantal Quetzal is to probably gain new, more abrupt features, both under-the-hood and interface-wise, basically, the 12.10 version is to probably be characterized as adding new features focused release.

Weeks ago, Ubuntu 12.10's Update Manager has been renamed to Software Updater, naming change accompanied by visual refinements, such as rethinked button position, new contracted mode, new "internal" view contracted mode (ability to contract/expand the Details of updates area), etc.

Software Updater has just been updated to another interesting version, introducing a new mode when it is launched and searching for updates, basically, being represented by the same window (both when "scanning" the Ubuntu archives and on displaying the found updates), featuring a minimalistic look&feel, furthermore, the same approach is used when installing updates, basically, the modal dialog has been removed in the favor of a unified single window.

The bottom buttons' number have been decreased, the Close button being removed (probably due to its redundancy, the actual application closing can be performed via the titlebar's Close button), adding a new Remind Me Later (when the situation requires it) button.

The new Software Updater introduces a newcomers-aware bit, by renaming Description to Technical description, thus drawing a (minimal Ubuntu) knowledge-requirement barrier for new users, that are to be focused on the main view.