Software Updater to probably receive app icons and clear categorization in Ubuntu 13.04

In Ubuntu 12.10, in order to hassle-free deal with updates, users utilize Software Updater, default update manager that received (in its Ubuntu 12.10 incarnation) a redesigned look & feel with clearly categorized text descriptions, clean minimalist view, on-demand expandable areas, etc, essentially, an intuitive user-friendly utility.

Yet, it seems that the work on redesigning the Software Updater is to be further pursued in Raring Ringtail, continuing its road towards clarity and package management (from an appearance point-of-view).

As seen in the below image, Software Updater is to probably receive interesting changes, such as app icon support, change generating app icons rendered inside the update utility.

A definitely interesting aspect of the app icon approach it its manner of selecting icons from .desktop files, thus accurately displaying icons.

For applications containing multiple updates, the upcoming Software Updater will group the sub-updates under the main icon (such as, grouping firefox-globalmenu and xul-ext-ubufox under the main icon-enabled Firefox entry).

Furthermore, judging by the below image, the user will be able to expand a main entry (like for example Firefox), in order to see related updates.

System-specific updates are to be grouped under Ubuntu base (featuring an Ubuntu-specific icon), allowing the user to immediately distinguish between apps and system-related software.

According to Ubuntu's Michael Terry: "This hasn’t landed yet, but there is enough time before 13.04 that I’m confident it will make it".