Smart Scopes to anonymize images before landing in the user's Dash (privacy oriented)

Presently, the development version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander, features the Smart Scopes project by default, essentially, transforming the Dash into a powerful search area by combining both locally-based results (locally-installed scopes) with results generated by a fast Canonical server.

The Smart Scopes project has raised several privacy concerns from users, yet, the user is able to on-demand switch OFF the online search results 1-click away via System Settings.

Ubuntu's David Calle shared on Google+ an interesting addition to the Smart Scopes project, namely, their now-anonymous nature: "the smart scopes server now anonymizes images before serving them to your Dash", step further clearing the privacy concerns.

Probably, the anonymisation process acts as a gate between the user and third-parties, removing the ability of online services to gain even the smallest detail about the user, anonymizing images from unwanted-by-the-user eyes.

Probably, performing a search action with the new anonymized-enabled Smart Scopes is to make the user stealth in front of the online services providing the images displayed in the Dash.

As seen in the demo URL, the Canonical severs are anonymizing directly the URL with the probable behavior: typing a word in the Dash, pushes the word against (along with the locally-installed scopes) the Canonical servers, the Canonical servers decide the best results, the results are then anonymized and finally landed in the Dash.

The result (probably): online services-users channel is cut off by Canonical's anonymizing process.