Read online and local manga with MangaR (Ubuntu Software Center)

Manga are comics enjoyed all over the world, combining a cartoon-ish comics style with numerous touched topics, such as romance, sports, games, adventure, action, science fiction, fantasy, etc, suitable for all ages and numerous tastes.

MangaR is as simplistic yet good-looking manga reader, presenting itself as a lightweight pleasant-to-the-eye reader, with clean areas and easy to use interface.

MangaR introduces a handy manner of reading online manga via available (by default) manga, such as Naruto, Pandora Hearts, Gantz, Fairy Tail, Faster than a Kiss, etc, basically, a solid bundle (Fairy Tail comes with 295 chapters, etc) of predefined comics available at a press of a button.

Reading an online manga is to be performed by clicking a manga name under the Manga category, then clicking a desired chapter under the Chapter category, actions that automatically download and load the clicked chapter.

The displayed manga are properly exposed, featuring high-quality rendered graphics and numerous chapters, latter aspect that could trigger long periods of time necessary to access the actual manga (like for instance, on low Internet speed connections while handling a 20 chapters-long manga), nevertheless, the completed download process is displayed via a desktop notification.

The navigation controls are exposed on the toolbar, adding a fast navigation through pages via back and forward icons, as well as allowing the reader to directly skip/jump pages via the menu, accessible under the down icon (near the page number).

Completely "digesting" a manga is to be achieved via the fullscreen button, experienced further enriched by clicking Hide sidebar (thus exposing only the manga content on the screen).

MangaR comes with support for local files (CBZ, CBR, CB7), in order to access local manga navigate to MangaR-->Edit-->Preferences where the Collection folder (like for instance, /home/iloveubuntu/Documents) and Output folder are to entered; scanning the collection is to be performed under MangaR-->Edit-->Scann collection

MangaR 12.09 is available via Ubuntu Software Center.

Worth mentioning
MangaR has been created as part of Ubuntu App Showdown.