Raring Ringtail officially open for development

Raring Ringtail

Ubuntu Developer Summit has just started today, October 29th 2012, housing numerous and numerous developers, community members, Ubuntu users, etc, in a friendly series of Ubuntu-related events.

Along with the Raring-focused Developer Summit, the developers have announced the official start on Ubuntu 13.04's development, "Raring is now open for development, with syncs from unstable currently running".

Upload rearrangements, updated versions of eglibc and python3 (Python 3.3 is Raring's default python3 version), come to scratch the surface of the to-be-developed Raring Ringtail.

Presently, "For Raring, all uploads will go to raring-proposed, and a modified instance of "britney" (the software that handles migration from Debian unstable to testing) will copy them to raring when they've been built everywhere and do not reduce the count of installable packages in the archive".