Qt5-based apps received appmenu and HUD support in Ubuntu 13.04

Presently in Ubuntu, third-party developers are able to create software with Ubuntu SDK, applications, games, utilities, etc, based on the latest Qt/QML technologies.

Qt Creator is a powerful integrated development environment (IDE), that allows developers to create applications with the Qt application framework; Qt Creator 2.7.0 has already landed in Raring Ringtail, being available via Ubuntu Software Center, 2.7.0 release based on Qt 5.0.1.

Along with Ubuntu for phones and Ubuntu for tablets, Ubuntu SDK has become an important, relevant component of Ubuntu (as a whole); as a consequence, the developers have started to polish supported Qt5-based software, in order to offer to users integrated-into-the-desktop applications.

Qt5 applications have received appmenu support in Ubuntu 13.04, removing their faulty appearance with into-the-window menus.

Meaning, (for example) launching Qt Creator 2.7, is now presented with full appmenu support.

Moreover, the mentioned apps gained HUD support, too, launching Qt Creator, hitting the Alt key and typing (for example) locate, populates the HUD with Qt Creator-specific actions.