Qt Creator 2.7.1 renamed to Ubuntu SDK, available in Ubuntu 13.10 with numerous new features

Qt Creator is a powerful, advanced and versatile IDE (integrated development environment) combining under a singular roof advanced code editor for C++ and QML, etc, code completion, syntax highlighting, code checking, etc, essentially, presenting itself as a solid developer-friendly tool.

Qt Creator has been adopted by Ubuntu as the main app-creation tool, allowing developers to create beautiful and full-of-features software.

Qt Creator 2.7.1 has just landed in Ubuntu 13.10 (via Ubuntu Software Center), bringing a significant number of new features, changes and optimizations.

Qt Creator 2.7.1 has been renamed to Ubuntu SDK, new name aligning the handy IDE to its new Ubuntu identity, namely, being the development ground for the next generation of Ubuntu applications, as well as being more accurately and intuitively presented to developers, developers now hassle-free able to identify the needed tool for developing Ubuntu applications.

Typing ubuntu sdk in the Dash's search area exposes, as matched search results, the Ubuntu SDK application (the new Qt Creator), while its app icon contains now the Ubuntu logo.

The newly-released 2.7.1 version comes with a Unity Scope template (tailored for Ubuntu 13.10), therefore, navigating to Qt Creator-->File-->New File or Project, summons the template window where Unity Scope is a new clickable addition.

Hitting the Unity Scope entry (and following the necessary steps), pushes the carefully-created scope template into the IDE, scope template designed in mind with providing to interested developers the latest scope-creation recommendations, while paired with code comments and developer-friendly attitude.

Ubuntu UI Toolkit Gallery is an application that contains supported interface components, components browse-able and (re)usable by developers in applications; meaning, buttons, sliders, popovers, text fields, etc, are properly presented in the toolkit gallery, being a crucial part of Ubuntu's app-development process.

Qt Creator 2.7.1 brings Ubuntu UI Toolkit Gallery integration (featuring the latest improvements), in the sense of allowing the user to easily launch it from within the powerful IDE; navigating to Qt Creator-->Tools-->Ubuntu Touch-->Ubuntu Touch Showcase Gallery launches the gallery.

The mentioned features, along with numerous and numerous changes, under-the-hood enhancements and support for Qt 5.0.2, come to deliver a more strengthened Ubuntu-integrated Ubuntu SDK release.