qBittorrent 3.0 released (official PPA available)

qBittorrent 3.0

qBittorrent is a versatile BitTorrent client, allowing users to maneuver torrents in a traditional way (downloading and opening torrents) and directly from inside the application to search torrents (via a powerful search engine), bundle of features exposed via a clean polished interface.

qBittorrent 3.0 has just been released, marking the first stable version in the 3.x series, as a culmination of several release candidates.

The new 3.0 version introduces a new fancy yet easy-to-use torrent addition dialog, presenting a basic set of useful torrent details (such as the save location), set of details expandable by clicking its bottom-left icon, that summons a full list of informations related to the about-to-be-downloaded torrent (size, comment, date, torrent files, label, etc).

qBittorrent 3.0 adds various minor yet perceivable cosmetic enhancements, improving the sidebar's appearance, as well as polishing the search area, with lighter more integrated look&feel.

Along with the mentioned visible changes, the new 3.0 release brings a major code refactoring and numerous under-the-hood optimizations, that are to provide a more stable, fast and secure torrent client, furthermore, qBittorrent 3.0 drops the support for libtorrent 0.14.x and QT 4.5.

How do we install qBittorrent 3.0?
Add the following official PPA (Oneiric, Precise)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hydr0g3n/ppa

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install qbittorrent