Publish folders with Ubuntu One via an easy script

Ubuntu One is an Ubuntu versatile suite that allows one fast and easy access to cloud storage with a built-in default configuration tool (Ubuntu One Control Panel) and an online place (accessible via a web-browser).

Consequently, users can upload and publish files (making files available for other users via a link), nevertheless there are, at the moment, limitations, such as the lack of support for publishing folders (containing files).

The developers have created an unofficial script useful to provide an easy way to publish folders via a terminal command (Ubuntu 12.04 only):

  • first, the targeted folder must be synchronized with Ubuntu One (right-click on a folder-->Ubuntu One-->Synchronize This Folder)
  • then, download the script and type in a terminal (if the script is located in the home folder and the folder is in the home folder)

    python u1-publish-folder nivo-slider

    where nivo-slider is the name of the about-to-be-published folder

    The result is a link (that can be copied and pasted), link that is properly displayed in a web-browser.