The payout for video slots machines varies depending on their settings. For example, each slot may have a different background if you’re playing in a live casino. It is usually easier to find out what the payouts are for online casinos.

Most winnings from slot machines are returned to players as cash. You might be surprised at how high the numbers are for someone who has had a bad experience with a slot machine. However, these figures are based on what happened over thousands of spins. Therefore, there can be significant variations within this range. This is where the fun of playing slot machines begins!

The highest-paying video slots machines can return up to 97% of the money they receive, while the rates for most are comfortably in the 90s. For example, Rainbow Riches, a popular Uk slot, has a return rate of 95% online.

Online casinos tend to pay out higher than live slots because they have more enormous overheads such as staff, complementaries, physical premises, etc. In addition, online casinos have their costs, so they can’t deliver drinks to your front door while playing online slots in sweatpants. As a result, online casinos offer the best value for money in gameplay.

Although the payouts for different slots are not identical, they should be able to give you information about payout percentages if you want to verify your selection of online casinos. But, of course, you can always move on to a better casino.