Opera Next 11.50-1054 "Featherweight" released with a redesigned UI

Opera Next 11.50-1054 "Featherweight"

Opera Next 11.50-1054 "Featherweight" (a development version) has been launched with a clear focus on UI redesign and an express demand for "the user interface to match the speed of our rendering engine".

Opera "Featherweight" includes brighter colors for backgrounds and borders, a new toolbar icon set, padding and alignment improvements, as well as various tweaks (no more button borders in the address bar, the Home and Fast Forward buttons are now optional, etc).

How do we install Opera Next 11.50-1054 "Featherweight"?
Download and install it from here (remember, Opera Next can be installed as a parallel application, so, it won't remove your current stable Opera installation).