Famous game company, Electronic Arts, to attend next week's Ubuntu Developer Summit (Quantal Quetzal)

EA Games

Ubuntu Developer Summit Quantal Quetzal will start on Monday May 7th 2012, gathering an impressive and exciting number of developers, community members, Ubuntu staff and more.

According to Ubuntu's Jono Bacon, one interesting "guest" at UDS-Q is Electronic Arts, a globally known games company, famous for Crysis, Battlefield, Star Wars, etc, games enjoyed by millions and millions of users on non-linux operating systems.

Although further details are to be be "disclosed" next weeks, one can easily speculate about the reasons related to a game company visiting a widely-popular OS, which lacks "modern" games, lack that is almost daily pushed against Ubuntu in sayings similar to "Ubuntu is great, awesome but if only will receive high-quality games will be perfect", "I run Windows only for games, if Ubuntu ...", etc.

Judging by other probably 100% percent rumors, various EA games are to probably land in Ubuntu Software Center in an at-the-moment unspecified future (next week's meetings are to probably clear some of the above rumors).