Ubuntu Edge reached more than 24,000 funders on Indiegogo

July 22 - August 21 2013 is the time interval when Ubuntu Edge is traversing the exciting Indiegogo funding campaign, month imprinted with the potential of bringing into the present a superdevice born out of the future, period of time when users, companies, teams of developers are massively supporting the innovative Edge towards one goal: reaching the full $32,000,000 funding goal.

Sloth Patrol, free enjoyable game (Ubuntu Software Center)

Sloth Patrol is an interesting enjoyable game that centers vivid elements into a polished environment, where speed in action and a constant observation of the whole play a vital role.

Essentially, Sloth Patrol presents a rocket that, while moving across dangerous areas, is constantly attacked by malevolent adversaries, enemies looking to capture a moment of inattention, in order to destroy one's rocket.

Ubuntu Edge reached more than $11,000,000

Starting weeks ago, Ubuntu Edge has been present on an exciting-yet-challenging Indiegogo funding campaign, campaign aimed at attracting $32,000,000, money then, if reached, allowing Canonical to produce the modern innovative Edge for a significant number of users.

The response towards the fancy Edge has been fantastic, Edge capturing the web into endless discussions about its polished look, elegant feel, powerful hardware specs and the never-seen-before convergence capabilities.

$695 perk hit more than 3,000 purchases

Famous persons, experienced companies, professional televisions and a vast amount of users are presently pushing Ubuntu Edge into its materialization, superdevice coming from the future to expand the present, coming from the future to vivid-ize the present, coming from the future to expand the present while drawing a clear, distinct circle of innovation positioned at the top of the IT world.

Ubuntu designers video-demo Calendar App with impressive visuals

Days ago, the experienced Ubuntu designers shared an article about official designs aimed at Calendar App, app being part of the Ubuntu Touch Core Apps project.

The mentioned article talks about several components of Calendar App, including views (year view, month view, week view, etc), as well as presenting interesting blocks of data that are to encapsulate event-related informations.

Stephen Fry on Twitter: "Help make it happen for Ubuntu Edge"

Presently, Ubuntu Edge is conducting a full of challenges and excitement Indiegogo funding campaign where $32,000,000 are the gate towards a completely new experience, a gate inviting the future into the present.

Across the latest days, the innovative Edge, in addition to thousands and thousands of funders, has attracted the serious interest of famous people, persons famous both in the IT world (like for example, Dries Buytaert,--the creator of Drupal--) and in showbiz.