UDS started with Mark Shuttleworth's keynote

Hours ago, the in-progress virtual UDS started, bringing another bundle of interesting video sessions available for people all over the world.

Unity, Mir, app development, Juju, as well as plans, to-land features and cutting-edge discussions, are among the topics being covered in the next three days.

The August's UDS started with an introduction conducted by Ubuntu's Jono Bacon, introduction followed by the Mark Shuttleworth's keynote, online keynote offering an enjoyable perspective on things past, present and future.

Ubuntu Touch gained PulseAudio-to-ALSA audio stack, "just as on the desktop"

On January 2013 Canonical announced the upcoming work on creating, developing and strengthening Ubuntu Touch, announcement followed by a solid, vigorous and fruitful set of achievements.

Moreover, the development on Ubuntu Touch continues with new fronts conquered on a constant basis, more and more giving to Ubuntu Touch more integrated components, including related to its under-the-hood platform.

Tomorrow, August 27th, starts Ubuntu Developer Summit with Mark Shuttleworth's keynote

Ubuntu Developer Summit is an exciting official event gathering numerous developers, professionals, company representatives, etc, into an open discussion, where plans, goals, approaches related to the upcoming months' Ubuntu development are presented and explained.

Months ago, the UDS was shifted to a video-based online attitude, therefore, users from all over the world are now able to hassle-free watch the video sessions and thus learn, find out about exciting upcoming features and major changes in Ubuntu.

Sudoku App enriched with new visuals and optimizations

Sudoku App is a core application designed in mind with incarnating the classic sudoku game into a polished eye-catching Ubuntu SDK interface, expressing a captivating game action with pleasant-to-the-eye blocks, optimized behaviors and an overall elegant look & feel.

Across the latest weeks, Sudoku App has received an interesting Suru style variation, replacing the generic background with a purple background and refined visuals.

Shutter 0.90.1 released with fixes

Shutter is a solid full-of-features screenshoting utility featuring a complete properly-structured base of functionalities: under one roof, the handy tool allows the user to screenshot apps, portions of the desktop, websites, as well as to edit images (both own and foreign) and upload them to several online services.

Calibre 1.0 landed in Ubuntu 13.10's Ubuntu Software Center

Calibre is a powerful, advanced and solid e-book library management application that centers a colossal amount of features, functionalities and support, including e-book conversion, dedicated e-book viewer, online service integration and rich-metadata capabilities.

Days ago, Calibre 1.0 was released, 1.0 version introducing an exciting cover-grid view and an up to 3 times faster rewritten-from-scratch database backend.

Weather App updated with dynamic backgrounds

Clock App, Music App, Terminal App, File Manager App are among the core applications presently being developed under Ubuntu Touch Core Apps' umbrella.

Across the latest weeks, more and more core applications have received fancy official designs, resulting good-looking applications with modern shapes, carefully-selected backgrounds, optimized interaction behaviors and an overall content-centric look & feel.