Modern terminal Final Term updated with significant performance improvements

Handy menus recognizing and displaying accordingly filenames, URLs, IP addresses, intelligent command completion with both active and passive nature (latter permitting command editing), ability to collapse commands, beautiful pack of built-in themes with dark/light look & feel, 8 / 16 / 256 colors support, hassle-free precise window resizing with accurate repositioning of its content, ability to be used on-demand as a drop-down, are among the features of

Work on implementing MTP in Ubuntu Touch started with interesting achievements

Since months and months ago, the developers have been working on fully erecting, then stabilizing and solidifying the foundation of the upcoming Ubuntu converged.

Initially, the development's energy and focus are currently addressing Ubuntu Touch, Ubuntu Touch that is to see a stable release in the upcoming months.

Moreover, along with stability and new features, the developers have already started to so-implement interesting under-the-hood (with user-visible ramifications) capabilities for Ubuntu Touch, as in the case of MTP support.

Calibre 1.2 released with enhancements

Solid library management, versatile e-book conversion, online service integration, dedicated e-book reader and a massive number of features are part of Calibre, free open-source powerful e-book management, digesting and handling application.

Tux Paint, enjoyable children-oriented drawing application

Tux Paint is a children-oriented (yet not limited to) drawing application mixing drawing abilities with an intuitive stress-free canvas, in order to create a friendly, fun environment where objects, shapes, characters can be generated.

Launching the application, the user is faced with an intuitive, properly categorized window, window dividing its capabilities in four main areas:

0 A.D. ALPHA 14 Naukratis released

0 A.D is a lovely enjoyable strategy game that centers ancient kingdoms and armies into a captivating, challenging warfare action, facing the gamer with the responsibility of managing troops, citizens and resources, in order to maintain the growing-and-growing groups, armies, civilizations.

0 A.D. Alpha 14 Naukratis has been released, marking another interesting full-of-improvements release for the detailed, carefully-crafted strategy game, bringing: