Gedit 3.11.x presented with impressive look & feel

Ubuntu ships by default Gedit, text editor used across the latest years by users for a wide and diverse range of needs and requirements, Gedit retaining the same look & feel across its latest releases.

As a consequence, Gedit has been attracting feedback related to a necessary refreshing of its interface, feedback materialized in the newly-announced Gedit's new look & feel.

Humble Indie Bundle X added new HOARD, Strike Suit Zero and Toki Tori 2+ games

Recently, the fruitful Humble Bundle team made available Humble Indie Bundle X, encapsulating enjoyable games into an interesting pay-what-you-want DRM-free game pack.

Humble Indie Bundle X has just received three new games: HOARD, Strike Suit Zero and Toki Tori 2+, essentially, transforming Humble Indie Bundle X into a bundle of nine games.

For users who already payed more than the average, the newly-added games have already landed on their download webpage, contrary, the user is to pay more than the average to enjoy all games.

How to bulk transcode APE files to FLAC

Music content is spread across the web through numerous audio file formats ranging from MP3 to APE and FLAC, formats encapsulating the same music content, yet, with different quality types, app support and openness.

Specifically, among the mentioned formats, FLAC is the most open audio format, being open-standard free open-source, FLAC presenting itself as a robust optimized lossless codec.

Vokoscreen 1.8.10 arrived in Ubuntu 14.04's Ubuntu Software Center with ability to show/hide icons on Unity panel

Vokoscreen is a handy useful screencasting application that offers a robust manner of recording the desktop, recording performed via an intuitive set of features and interfaces.

Weeks ago, Vokoscreen landed in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, marking its arrival in Ubuntu Software Center, arrival followed by several minor-yet-relevant releases.

In the minor-yet-important releases there is the newly-landed Vokoscreen 1.8.10, too, version extending the screencaster's tweakability with option to show/hide its icon on the Unity panel.

OpenShot main developer: "I will be demonstrating OpenShot 2.0 LIVE at the show [SCALE 12X, February 21-23 2014], and hopefully by this time, many of you will also be playing with an alpha release at home"

Across the latest years, the free open-source OpenShot video editor has delivered a handy video-editing experience to users from across the world, yet, gradually, OpenShot has accumulated certain complaints, various users demanding a significant improvement to the project as a whole.

The OpenShot team's response is presently materializing in OpenShot 2.0, namely, a completely new version of OpenShot featuring new main interface, new HTML5 timeline and new library, latter created in mind with up-to-date capabilities and demands.

ColorHUG team announces the preorder availability of ColorHug Spectro, open-source professional color-calibration device

Screens are the hardware that faces us each and each day, screens used by gamers, artists, photographers, graphics designers, too, latter category where the colors from one's monitor play a crucial role in completing projects, flows, tasks, etc.

ColorHUG is a popular color-calibration open hardware used by thousands of people from across the world, ColorHUG seeing a significant adoption in the Linux world.

How to benchmark USB sticks

Ubuntu 13.10 ships by default Disks, essentially, a disk-related utility featuring a relevant set of functionalities, among which partition formatting, drive informations, ability to easily erase disks and attached devices, etc.

Disks comes with benchmarking support, too, allowing the user to easily benchmark disks and devices via a clickable approach, while delivering the results into a user-friendly format.

How to create specialized diagrams with Dia

Dia is a free open-source diagram editor that features numerous functionalities and an overall complex interface, proving itself a robust tool.

A definitely interesting aspect of Dia is its ease of use and user-friendliness, nature expressed through predefined visual constructions, too.

Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, captivating Humble Indie Bundle X game

Recently, the Humble Bundle team published Humble Indie Bundle X, combining interesting games into a set presently available for purchase.

In the mentioned bundle there is Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, too, game that offers a captivating experience, immersing the gamer into a universe of sound, color and movement.

Launching the game, one is to notice its polished visuals, all over the place there are beautiful colors, fancy shapes and artistic patterns, environment pleasing the eye with eyecandy.