Gedit's right-click menu updated with consistent font in Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu ships Gedit by default, text editor allowing the user to edit text files via a clean clear interface where a right-click menu offers spell checking, cut, copy, paste, etc functionalities.

In Ubuntu 13.10, right-clicking inside Gedit or right-clicking on a word, summons the right-click menu where the user is to notice the improper text used on the menu, text being expressed with a different-from-other-menus text font and, therefore, creating a minor-yet-noticeable visual disturbance.

ZaReason launched UltraLap 440, ultrathin laptop

ZaReason is an interesting company rooted in offering for purchase machines equipped with Ubuntu (and Linux-based OSes), machines ranging from desktops to laptops and servers.

ZaReason has announced the availability of UltraLap 440, essentially, an ultraslim laptop designed in mind with thin patterns and a long battery life.

As specs, UltraLap 440 features:

Flickr uploader Frogr 0.9 released

Frogr is a free open-source Flickr uploader that expresses its functionalities through a clean, intuitive and hassle-free interface.

Essentially, Frogr allows the user to upload images to Flickr via a desktop interface, upload process paired with editing capabilities; meaning, the Flickr uploader permits the editing of visibility, content type, safety level, drop-down menu with license types, tags, descriptions, enable/disable global search results (within Flickr) before the user actually uploads the image.

Easily create avatars with MeMaker, handy intuitive application

Twitter, identi.ca, Google+ are among the online services where the user is usually represented by an avatar, avatars generated as real pictures or images, latter easily doable via MeMaker.

Practically, MeMaker is a handy, intuitive and useful utility specialized in creating avatars as composed from numerous elements: head, hair, eyes, mouth, ears, glasses, nose, eyebrows, hat, accessories and beards.

LibreOffice Writer removes the since-2003 16-bit limit for paragraphs

It has become nowadays natural to use LibreOffice, normality coming instantly in the user's mind when seeking a no-compromise, powerful and fully-open office suite, LibreOffice being at least equal to its proprietary counterparts.

LibreOffice's Caolan McNamara published an interesting article, announcing the long-paragraphs support for LibreOffice Writer, essentially, enabling in Writer the ability to have paragraphs featuring more than 65535 characters.

How to step-by-step install Firefox OS 1.2 Simulator

Firefox is a free fully-open ecosystem delivering to the world Firefox, Thunderbird and Firefox OS, latter presenting itself as an operating system addressed to mobile devices.

In Ubuntu, interested users can easily install Firefox OS 1.2 Simulator, simulator that exposes on the desktop a robust emulation of Firefox OS and, therefore, permitting to the user to observe, test and learn about its features, interactions and applications.