Ubuntu 14.04 made type-ahead default in Nautilus

In Ubuntu 13.10, Nautilus uses the search-as-you-type manner of searching through files and folders, modern manner that exposes in a matter of seconds matched search results from both visible folders and sub-folders; practically, search-as-you-type searches for items recursively.

In its past versions, Nautilus featured the type-ahead search, namely, searching for files and folders only within the visible files and folders, while completely ignoring the rest of the items contained in folders.

I-Nex 0.6 released with new look, features and optimizations

I-Nex is an interesting system-informations application that combines numerous details about the user's computer into a graphical interface where tabs house relevant data about one's system.

I-Nex has been updated to version 0.6, newly-released version taking the system-informations tool to a new look, feel and features.

Launching I-Nex 0.6, the user is to notice its new, more polished look featuring new icons, meaning, the tabs (CPU, GPU, etc) and bottom area feature now dedicated icons.

Handy menu editor MenuLibre 2.0 released with new look, feel and improvements

MenuLibre is a powerful complex menu editor designed in mind with and offering an advanced manner of creating, editing and managing launchers.

Essentially, MenuLibre allows the user to easily create .DESKTOP files, add extra Unity launcher quicklist entries, etc, in a matter of seconds with support for custom icons, editable descriptions, numerous writable entries (command, working directory, categories, only-show-in, mimetypes, keywords, etc).

Rapid Photo Downloader 0.4.9 released with optimizations

Rapid Photo Downloader is a handy useful tool designed in mind with copying/moving images and video clips from a location to another location, location equaling devices, USB sticks, folders, etc, downloading action performed automatically by Rapid Photo Downloader.

Among its features, Rapid Photo Downloader comes with automatic generation of filenames, support to simultaneously download items, optimized behavior with fast speeds in execution, as well as a user-friendly interface.

How to visually observe the partitions' usage with Ubuntu 13.10's Disk Usage Analyzer

Movies, books, audio tracks are among the content types often populating the user's harddisk, aspect that usually generates various issues, such as lack of space and not clearly understanding its main cause.

Ubuntu 13.10 ships by default Disk Usage Analyzer, handy utility permitting to the user to have a rapid-yet-effective look at the files and folders occupying the harddisk via graphical easily-graspable visuals.

Blender announces Project Gooseberry, "to realize a full feature animation film, involving a network of 8-10 small studios worldwide (50-80 people in total)"

Blender is a free open-source 3D suite fully capable of rendering, modeling, post-production, interactive creation, Blender being a pillar of the global free open-source ecosystem.

Moreover, the Blender developers are currently working on expanding the boundaries of the robust tool by both adding new features and increasing its adoption, latter layer where the by-example represents a main effective mean of spreading the usage and adoption of Blender.