Ubuntu 14.04's Gedit received minor-yet-handy behavior

Gedit is a lightweight yet versatile text editor shipped in Ubuntu by default, text editor being usually used by users on a constant basis, as a consequence, apparently-minor behaviors become relevant when encountered multiple times per day.

Gedit (through GTK+) has been updated in Ubuntu 14.04 with a new subtly-refreshed behavior, namely, the automatic selection of the home folder for its file-chooser dialogs, dialogs now shifted from defaulting to Recent to one's home folder and of-origin directories.

Nautilus 3.10 landed in Ubuntu 14.04 with improvements

Ubuntu ships by default Nautilus, powerful file-management application featuring a polished look & feel with support for search-as-you-type and recent items, functionalities allowing the user to discover items.

Nautilus 3.10.1 arrived in Ubuntu 14.04 via the regular updates, replacing the now-obsolete 3.8.x version with a more up-to-date incarnation.

How to install web apps from Firefox Marketplace

Firefox Marketplace is an online place populated with web applications spanning a wide and diverse range of usage cases, demands and preferences, Firefox Marketplace featuring calculators, games, weather utilities, wallpaper tools, music players, etc.

The mentioned web apps can be easily installed in Ubuntu, too, installation process that generates web apps featuring dedicated icons, dedicated windows, as well as enriched Unity launcher quicklists.

How to search through powerful search engines via qBittorrent

qBittorrent is a robust torrent application that features commonly-used torrent-wise functionalities ranging from torrent creation to downloading torrents, digesting informations about the downloading process, dedicated sidebar with clickable entries, etc.

qBittorrent comes with a built-in search engine, engine presenting itself as a fast manner of searching through powerful torrent websites and, therefore, permitting to the user to rapidly search for preferred items through several search engines at a press of a button.

System76 launched new Sable Complete All-in-One desktop

System76 is an interesting company dedicated to offering for purchase machines propelled by Ubuntu, machines spanning ultrabooks, laptops, desktops and servers.

System76 has announced the immediate availability of the new Sable Complete All-in-One, computer offering a non-cluttered manner of enjoying a desktop with elegant shapes and an overall stylish look & feel.

As specs, the fresh Sable Complete comes with:

Calibre 1.21 released with new driver and features

The natural choice for users seeking dedicated ebook viewer, support for numerous ebook formats, ability to edit metadata, temporary libraries, fancy cover and grid views is Calibre, powerful ebook suite characterized by a massive amount of functionalities.

The world's best ebook suite,--Calibre--, has been updated to version 1.21, continuing its fruitful vigorous road towards new and new features.

Beautiful monochrome icon theme Sifr available for LibreOffice 4.2 RC with numerous icons and support for Writer, Impress, Draw and Calc

Incredible is an accurate term that has been describing LibreOffice across the latest years, free open-source office suite reaching peak after peak into a magnificent display of features, collaboration, meritocracy and an overall irrevocable evidence of how free open-source software can deliver to mankind at least the features, stability and professionalism that its proprietary counterpart contains.