Calibre 1.22 released with dedicated book-comparison feature

Calibre is a clear, solid and robust non-OS evidence on how free open-source applications can reach the top-most peak of their functionality at a planetary scale, Calibre being the most powerful, advanced and versatile ebook suite from both open and proprietary worlds.

Months ago, Calibre received an impressive book-editor, feature allowing the user to edit ebooks with a multitude of wide and diverse tools spanning text formatting, image insertion, automatic checking, special characters, etc.

Chromium 32 released and landed in Ubuntu 13.10's Ubuntu Software Center

Chromium is a free open-source web-browser shaped around agility and features that offers a handy manner of enjoying the rich web.

Chromium 32 has been released and landed in Ubuntu 13.10's Ubuntu Software Center, arrival permitting to the user to utilize a more up-to-date Chromium version.

The new 32 version brings multiple under-the-hood enhancements, as well as fixes and support for the animated WEBP image format.

How to enable desktop notifications in VLC

VLC is probably the world's most advanced video player featuring a colossal amount of functionalities paired with a massive set of tweakable options.

As a consequence, the user is able to in-depth tweak the versatile player, easily affecting its look, feel, filters, etc as well as its desktop integration.

In the latter fits perfectly the available yet not-enabled-by-default notification support, built-in notification system that can align VLC to the desktop.

I-Nex 0.6.2 released with improvements and support for new CPUs

I-Nex is a free open-source system-information tool that gathers, organizes and displays a multitude of details about the user's system spanning RAM, CPU, GPU, OS in use, kernel, etc.

I-Nex has been updated to version 0.6.2, introducing a significant amount of new features and support, both enriching the tool with new capabilities and bringing support for numerous new CPUs.

Final Term team: "Final Term is alive and kicking, and on the finish line towards its initial release and wide availability"

Across the latest months, the Final Term team has been working on solidifying the modern terminal application, landing feature after feature and improvement after improvement into the now-in-progress fancy terminal.

Essentially, Final Term already contains exciting functionalities ranging from drop-down menus to multiple tabs, split view, built-in themes, ability to expand/contract commands, auto-completion, proper resizing of its text content, etc, yet, Final Term has been kept under an in-progress umbrella.