Thunderbird 24.3 released with security fixes

Ubuntu ships by default Thunderbird, free open-source email application offering a clean look & feel paired with handy features.

Recently, Thunderbird has been updated to version 24.3, version strengthening its previous release with bug fixes and security enhancements.

Removed leaks, accurate usage of certain image types, memory-wise improvements, etc, are among the security fixes brought by the new Thunderbird 24.3.

Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS released and available for download

Presently, Ubuntu users can utilize Ubuntu 13.10,--the standard release--, and/or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, latter presenting itself as the current LTS release.

As specific to LTS releases, the developers push on certain intervals of time .x releases, in order to refresh the LTS release with new packages and more hassle-free installation media and manner.

Handy firewall app Gufw 14.04 released with Ubuntu 14.04 support

Gufw is a lightweight user-friendly firewall, allowing the user to harness the power of UFW via a clickable interface featuring intuitive blocks and entries displayed into an overall hassle-free experience.

Profiles, 1 click-away ability to switch its status to ON/OFF, preconfigured categories are among the functionalities available in Gufw.

Gufw 14.04.1 arrived in Ubuntu 14.04's Ubuntu Software Center, version aligning the handy firewall application to the upcoming LTS release.

Fancy bookmarking animation arrived in Australis

Across the latest months, the Firefox developers have been working on the beautiful Australis, essentially, a modern theme that is to be used in Firefox by default.

New customization view, monochrome icons, round tabs, restructured menu are among the qualities already implemented in Australis, theme more and more prepared for its upcoming landing in stable versions of Firefox.

Recently, the Firefox developers demoed a fancy Australis animation, namely, a pleasant effect triggered when bookmarking a webpage.

Totem presented with new look, feel and capabilities

Ubuntu ships by default Totem (GNOME Videos), powerful video player offering support for a multitude of file formats and an overall clean look & feel.

Moreover, it seems that Totem is to receive exciting new features, features adding a solid dose of modernism in terms of look, feel and capabilities.

GNOME's Bastien Nocera published an interesting article, presenting the latest advancements on the Totem front with eye-catching additions and new online features.

Firefox 27 released with new features

Care for users' privacy, fruitful development, features and speed are among the qualities of Firefox, powerful web-browser offering a robust user-centric web experience.

Firefox 27 has been released, further enriching its social aspect paired with various features and enhancements.

Months ago, Firefox introduced support for social services, permitting the integration of several social online places directly into Firefox, integration performed only on demand.

Nouveau received initial support for Tegra K1 chips, "this work is [officially] endorsed by NVIDIA"

Ubuntu and numerous Linux-based operating systems feature by default Nouveau, essentially, a free open-source graphics driver that allows NVIDIA users to enjoy a decent experience.

Across the latest years, in the Nouveau world have been landing new and new features, open-source graphics driver being progressively put together and enriched into a more and more usable experience.