Firefox 19 ALPHA 1 adds refined attached download panel

Ubuntu ships (by default) Firefox, a powerful web-browser, allowing the user to hassle-free browse the Web via a solid bundle of default functionalities, as well as through available options of highly enriching the web-browsing experience with thousands and thousands of third-party add-ons.

Months ago, Firefox adopted a rapid-release cycle, development effort aimed at constantly bringing new features to Firefox (paired with work on security, stability, etc).

Ubuntu TV demoed on big-sized screens at France LoCo's Ubuntu 12.10 release party

Months ago, the developers announced Ubuntu TV, innovative interface that plunges the user into a TV-oriented experience, while keeping Unity (its feel) in the same "room".

Basically, Ubuntu TV presents itself as an optimized interface, filled with various content types (images, music tracks, video clips, etc), content that is to be digested via a clear intuitive look (with launcher, search area, indicators, etc).

Search through and access numerous RubyGems via Unity RubyGems lens

RubyGems is a package manager for Ruby (the programming language), that provides a standard format for distributing Ruby programs and libraries, approach encapsulated into gems.

RubyGems has been designed with easily managing and installing gems (packaged Ruby applications or libraries) in mind.

Unity RubyGems lens gathers and exposes RubyGems into the Dash, allowing the user to search and access numerous and numerous RubyGems (software packages).

Nautilus 3.6.3 landed in Raring Ringtail

Opening a filled-with-music-tracks folder, copying an item from one location to another, accessing extra details about a video clip, grouping documents into a dedicated important folder, etc, are actions performed via Nautilus, Ubuntu's default file manager, that, due to its nature (being a file manager) attracts (on both minor and major changes) interest.

Consequently, across the latest months, users have constantly expressed concerns, demands, requests, should-bes, shouldn't-bes, etc, in relation to Nautilus.

Rhythmbox 2.9.8 landed in Ubuntu 13.04 with new import view, enriched desktop notification support and Last.fm / Libre.fm love & ban buttons

Months ago, Rhythmbox landed in Ubuntu, introducing minor yet relevant visual additions, thus refining its interface with properly proportioned controls, polished album art, interesting hover over states, etc, plunging Ubuntu's default music player into a modern music playing experience.

It seems that the mentioned changes are not singular, the recently released Rhythmbox 2.9.8 further continues the work on visible features.

Indicator Remindor 12.11 released with new features

Indicator Remindor is a handy application, that allows the user to easily set reminders via a clear clean intuitive interface, yet packed with numerous in-depth configuration options and features, such as the ability to run specific commands, sound alert support, powerful schedule organizer, appindicator, etc.

Indicator Remindor 12.11 has been released, bringing various bug fixes and further enriching its set-alarm parameters.

Skype 4.1 released with Windows Live support

Skype 4.1 has been released, introducing minor yet relevant additions.

Launching the newly released 4.1 version, presents the user a refreshed entering-accounts-into view, featuring blue-ish Skype-branded visual bits, as well as enlarging its supported login account types.