Ubuntu-powered wrist-attached USB 3.0 portable-OS StormFly presented on Kickstarter

Fast, good-looking, secure and reliable are descriptions suitable for Ubuntu, open-source full-fledged operating system that, along with numerous and numerous functionalities, comes with a solid support for a wide amount of computers and hardware pieces.

Consequently, Ubuntu becomes an easy, natural target for teams of third-party developers seeking a software platform needed for their goals.

Meet Cronopios & Famas, 100 minute animation movie produced with 100% open-source tools

Youtube, websites, forums, blogs, cinemas present rich-content movies, animations, ads, shows, etc, basically, filled-with-graphical-and-audio-details visual stories.

It seems that, throughout the world, there are misconceptions bearing a long life, as in the case of false statements perceived as truthful for tens, hundreds, thousands of years.

Indicator Bluetooth landed in Raring Ringtail as default

Presently, Raring Ringtail presents itself as an interesting Ubuntu development cycle, introducing numerous improvements, optimizations and new components.

Days ago, the developers implemented Indicator Sync by default, allowing users to easily manage Ubuntu One-related actions, furthermore, adding a handy ON/OFF switch into its menu; disabling Ubuntu One's sync abilities is presented 1-click away.

The developers announce solid performance-optimization gains for Raring Ringtail-powered Nexus 7 (benefits for desktop, too)

Months ago, the developers announced the development start on the possibility of installing Ubuntu on the Nexus 7 tablet, gradually followed by the availability of the Ubuntu Nexus 7 Installer (allowing the user to easily install Ubuntu on a Nexus 7 tablet via a clear intuitive desktop installer) and numerous demos, seen across the internets, where users presented a usable Ubuntu experience running on the Nexus 7 tablet.

Epiphany Web Browser sees interesting mockup

Via Ubuntu Software Center, the user is able to install Epiphany, lightweight, simplistic yet effective web-browser.

Starting months ago, Epiphany has been (and it is) subjected to a serious redesign process, gradually receiving both under-the-hood changes and visual refinements, including sped-dial like view, monochrome navigation icons, improved fullscreen mode, etc, basically, relevant enhancements.