[Editorial] Razvi to Canonical's Michael Hall: Hey boy, don't you have some propaganda to do for your Smart Scopes' closed-source server?

From the very beginning, I think we must be very clear: the very essence of journalism is barking dog, that is, if you read a journalism book or go to a journalism university, the very first thing that the professors will tell is this: a journalist looks and barks, looks at the state and its layers and barks the things that he/she thinks are wrong, how the journalist sees or how accurate the journalist perceives, that's another matter.

[Editorial] Firefox to contain ads by default, Mozilla shifts from for-user to 100% for-profit, Firefox = a tool to satisfy the highest bidder

It seems more and more clear, at least for some of us who do care about free open-source software, that the world is rapidly moving towards an inevitable end: total control by corporation of every aspect of our lives, both digital and real.

Across the latest years, from the depth of the internets several entities and philosophies have emerged to protect you and me, the users, entities like Linux and Mozilla, the latter pioneering the freedom across the web and constantly maintaining the standards necessary for a healthy digital life on the web.

Shotwell 0.17 landed in Ubuntu 14.04 with bug fixes

Recently, there were various discussions about Shotwell's state, namely, Yorba's position related to the image viewer and organizer, as well as various concerns expressed by users about a potential abandonment of Shotwell.

Shortly after, the Yorba developers cleared the minor confusion about Shotwell, stating that the handy image application continues to be developed and maintained by Yorba (nothing changes).

Firefox 27 landed in Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10 and Ubuntu 13.10

Recently, Firefox 27 was released, version introducing enhancements, improvements, as well as features.

Extended support for online services (allowing the user to on-demand enable Saavn and Delicious to a dedicated area of Firefox), new SPDY 3.1, support for mathematical functions and ES6 generators in SpiderMonkey, are among the changes brought by Firefox 27.

Gedit received improved save dialog in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

During the latest weeks, the in-progress Ubuntu 14.04 has received several minor-yet-relevant additions aimed at improving the overall usage of the desktop, aspect seen in the latest updates landed in Ubuntu 14.04, too.

Specifically, Gedit features now a resized save dialog, in the sense of being rendered with an optimal size when saving files, new size properly exposing the names of the text files.

Free open-source Blu-Ray Discs playback library libbluray 0.5 released and arrived in Ubuntu 14.04's universe

libbluray is a free open-source library designed in mind with playing Blu-Ray discs, libbluray utilized by VLC (, MPlayer, etc).

Presently, libbluray is under development, gaining features on a constant fruitful basis, as in the case of the weeks-ago 0.5 release, libbluray 0.5 presenting itself as a relevant step towards an optimal Blu-Ray playback.

How to bulk-remove cover arts from audio files

Kid3-qt is a versatile tag editor aimed at audio files, application allowing the user to edit audio items with a significant amount of features.

Kid3-qt supports FLAC, APE, MP3, OGG/VORBIS, AAC, MP2, WMA, WAV, AIFF, TRUEAUDIO, thus the user is to utilize the handy tool for the world's relevant audio formats.

Kid3-qt is a tag editor, tags being titles, artists, albums, comments, date, track numbers, genre, composer, disc number, as well as cover arts.