The next generation of touch-aimed NotifyOSD video-demoed

Ubuntu Touch is the incarnation of the pure Ubuntu experience into touch-based interfaces, operating system capable of delivering a modern, innovative and highly-usable experience on phones and tablets, while retaining Ubuntu's core values and strengths.

As clearly seen on the internets, the developers (programmers and designers) are currently working hard on shaping the touch operating systems, adding new and new features and abilities to Ubuntu for phones and Ubuntu for tablets.

On Ubuntu, the desktop is by default enabled to notify the user with notifications about received emails, action states (like for example, playing music with Rhythmbox), etc, essentially, displaying relevant details (easily noticeable).

Ubuntu's Mirco Muller (the developer of the desktop notification system) shared a definitely exciting video-clip demoing an initial version of notifications for Ubuntu Touch, project described as "the next-generation of NotifyOSD for Ubuntu Touch".

At a first glance, the user is to notice the notifications' familiar look & feel, incorporating elements from its desktop flavor, nevertheless, the touch-aimed NotifyOSD comes with thumbnail support and clickable buttons, latter elements probably useful to directly act on the notification's notified action (such as accepting a call, dismissing a message, etc).

Although "all this is in-development and subject to change", one can easily spot the click-related button's look, meaning, clicking on a button, highlights it, therefore, the new NotifyOSD is to probably be optimized for a usable, user-friendly interaction.