The new QML-based Gwibber received impressive refresh-content animation and monochrome icons

Days ago, the new Gwibber made its successful entrance into the Ubuntu world, bringing a completely new interface with smooth scrolling, fancy elements, animations, good-looking buttons, etc, a truly enjoyable experience.

Moreover, the new QML-based Gwibber is powered by Friends, a new solid under-the-hood service aimed at strengthening and optimizing Ubuntu's overall social experience.

It seems that the development on the new Gwibber continues, social app receiving new and new features and improvements via its official PPA.

The latest version of the new Gwibber introduces a classy bottom bar with monochrome icons, simplistic look that generates a noticeable elegance into the fast and smooth app.

The user can hassle-free scroll through Gwibber's listed items (tweets, messages, etc) via the mouse wheel, mouse wheel that allows users to both rapidly and regularly navigate through items.

Yet, the latest Gwibber adds a refined keyboard-enabled scroll-through-items functionality, meaning, hitting the keyboard's Down key, scrolls one item down, hitting the keyboard's Up key, moves the item view one item up, essentially, the Up and Down keyboard keys act as accurate one-item-per-pressing scrolling actions.

A definitely exciting capability of the QML-based Gwibber is its support for refresh-as-you-drag-and-release interaction, clicking on & holding & dragging its view, displays now Pull down to refresh (when the user drags the window down) and Release to refresh, latter action that refreshes Gwibber's content.

The animation is impressive and interesting, the up / down icon changes its look accordingly, animation that incarnates an inventive manner of refreshing content.

Full installation details are available on http://www.iloveubuntu.net/new-qml-based-gwibber-available-ppa-comes-sup...