Mozilla official article: "To have the Australis theme up for review next week"

Firefox Australis

Months ago, Mozilla announced a new fresh direction for Firefox in terms of look&feel, in which the new Australis theme is to play an important role, in the sense of being implemented as Firefox's default theme.

After numerous mockups and expressed user desires (and a serious amount of positive feedback), it seems that, according to an official blog post, the Firefox developers are "to have the Australis theme up for review next week", meaning the new Australis theme is to probably land in Firefox in the near future (probably first in its nightly and BETA channels).

Furthermore, along with the fancy curved approach and compact design, the new theme is to features under-the-hood improvements, too, with a clear objective of achieving a boost in speed, due to "there are no computed borders or gradients in the redesign", approach derived from the "old" (default, at the moment) theme, "the current theme generates new borders/gradients on every tab interaction, which is very inefficient".