Mozilla Firefox custom build adds attached download dialog and built-in progressbar

Mozilla Firefox has started the work on improving/redesigning Firefox's UI, presenting mockups of a new official default theme named Australis.

The improvements are definitely not only refreshing, but look like a completely new approach in terms of buttons, tabs and component interactions, incorporating some at-the-moment "separate" dialogs into the toolbar (like the download dialog) and enhancing the focused/in-use tab (with rounded corners and a more prominent aspect).

Judging by the latest changeable mockups, the settings attached dialog is to feature relevant action displayed with fancy monochrome icons, as well as beautifully presented common actions, like copy, cut, paste.

The above mentioned mockups have already started to be transformed in code, consequently, Firefox 13 ALPHA 1 (custom build) comes with an attached dialog that displays the downloaded items (probably a first implementation that is to be transformed and adapted according to future goals and objectives).

When a file is downloading, the 13 ALPHA 1 displays the download progress via a blue-ish progressbar (holding a minimalistic approach) strengthened by the remaining time above it.

Mozilla Firefox 13 ALPHA 1 custom build can be downloaded from https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-ux/