Mozilla Firefox 4 BETA 12 released with improved performance in Flash content viewing

Mozilla has just released Firefox 4 beta 12, claiming that "we are in the final stages of the Firefox 4 Beta cycle".

So, what is new in Mozilla Firefox 4 beta 12?

  • increased performance while viewing Flash content
  • hovering over links now display the URL at the bottom of the window rather than in the location bar
  • improved plugin compatibility with hardware acceleration enabled
  • the default theme is applied now to the toolbars, too (like, for instance, if you have Ambiance theme, the "unfocused" toolbars are black, following the theme in use)
  • bug fixes (Mozilla has fixed more than 7,000 bugs since the first beta release)
  • boost in speed and improved overall stability

Download Firefox 4 beta 12 from http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/beta/.
If you run Ubuntu 11.04 , this beta has already landed in Natty.