Meet LibreOffice's collaborative editing experiment

Collaborative editing, multiple users focused on a single project in the same time, are atributes of today's computer experiences, especially with persons physically established in different parts of the world who share similar projects.

Various LibreOffice members have put together pieces of code with the expressed objective to create a collaborative open-source office suite, useful when various users work in the same on the same shared document.

The persons working on a shared document via LibreOffice are to be connected via Internet on the editing "part" and connected via IM clients for proper collaboration( and feedback), "the Jabber protocol provides multi-user chat-rooms, where the order of messages is defined and consistent - meeting our collaboration requirement".

Although the collaborative office suite is, at the moment, just an experiment, the involved developers have created a "sample" video where the "live" changes (that are instantly applied) are demoed.

The potential offers exciting perspective, like inviting specific user to edit various document pieces (users from one's IM client list), actions done via Ubuntu's default open-source office suite.