Meet Icon Library 1.0, powerful icon packs viewer (PPA available)

Applications, launchers, panels, overlays, etc. are using icons in order to express functionalities, links, help, etc, icons observed and analyzed usually by simply looking at them.

Nevertheless, the mentioned analyzing process is not viable when dealing with icon themes/packs, groups that corroborate thousands of icons, with different meanings/categories, flavors (such as light, dark, etc), names, etc.

Icon Library is a versatile utility that presents the user an icon "visualizer", capable of loading, displaying and managing icon packs, in the same manner as opening an image with Eye of GNOME, meaning, the icon theme is loaded and displayed just 1-click away, basically presenting itself as powerful icon viewer.

Its main view exposes and displays icons with name, context, size-aware previews and notes, icons filterable via the bottom-left dialog, where the icon pack's categories are exposed (Actions, Applications, Devices, Emblems, Places, etc), clicking on a filter, summons in the app view the relevant icons.

Furthermore, via the top-right corner's Hide non-standard icons and Hide inherited icons, the displayed icons' accuracy is easily increased, allowing one to properly make a distinction between icons and inherited icons.

"Real-time" searching is to be performed via the top-right search area, typing a name, immediately triggers the relevant items.

Icon Library's usage is definitely intuitive, launching the app, presents the user a simplistic window with an expandable dialog, featuring actions such as opening an icon theme (user's used icon theme is selected by default) from user's installed icon themes (listed on the expandable menu) or selecting a different non-installed icon theme via Import an icon theme.

The icons are loaded, by default, on a white background, option that is to be changed by clicking the bottom-left colored squares (actions that add darker backgrounds).

Double-clicking on a displayed icon, open its properties dialog, displaying available sizes, along with name, path, type, furthermore, the icon can be opened via the default image viewer (by clicking Open with) and/or opened in its "of origin" folder.

How do we install Icon Library 1.0?
Add the following official PPA (Precise, Quantal)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:markjtully/ppa

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install icon-library